Scout, la niña de tres años que se viste como los famosos

La madre de Scout decidió enseñarle a buscar inspiración en la fuerza de muchas mujeres que han hecho historia. Todo ello, como homenaje a la abuela de la pequeña, que padeció un cáncer de mama.

Ashley Larson es la madre de esta pequeña estrella de Internet, y se dedica a caracterizar a su hija, tomarle fotografías y subirlas a sus redes sociales. Te traemos las más destacadas.

Aquí tenemos a la fotógrafa y madre de la modelo.

Ok, I’m finally doing it..20 facts! First off, hi! I’m Scout’s mom, Ashley! 1. I’m a homebody and I don’t get out and socialize a lot. 3 kids, 3 years old and under… Need I say more? 2. My husband is my high school sweetheart. We met my senior year and got married 2 years later in 2010. 3. I love to be crafty. I used to paint and make things all the time. Once I get some free time, I’ll get back at it 😂 like that’ll happen… 4. I’m pretty tiny. I’m 4’11 on a good day. I guess that’s where Scout gets her tiny stature from. 5. I love photography. I used to have a business, but I’ve stopped taking clients to focus on Scout’s boutique modeling. 6. I was born and raised in Florida. After living in Texas for 4 years, I know I couldn’t live anywhere other than Florida, again. I love it here too much! 7. I have trichotillomania caused by anxiety. Not a fun fact, but a real one. 8. I love southern food.. Who could pass up corn bread, boiled peanuts, or fried green tomatoes?! 9. I have an autoimmune disease. I was born with rheumatoid arthritis and it’s definitely been something that I’ve had to learn to live with. 10. I love music, but I’m for sure a music snob. I’m super picky about who I listen to in the car. Phoenix, passion pit, and iron & wine, anyone? (And secretly Beibs too 🙈) 11. A lot of people are surprised to find out, but my kids are mixed. Their daddy is Filipino. 12. I would love to travel more. If we could afford it, we would totally visit as many countries as possible. 13. Our family is borderline obsessed with Studio Ghibli movies by Hayao Miyazaki & every single Wes Anderson film. 14. I’m running out of facts 😬 I’m not very interesting! Ummm.. I love going to the beach.. But kind of hate the sand. Sand castles are cool and all, but I’m not big on sand in my bathing suit 😂 15. One day, if we can get our finances in line for it, I’d love to own a photography studio and my husband wants to open up a food truck. 16. I’ve met more of my close friends through Scout’s boutique modeling & IG than in my real every day life. You moms get my struggle! 17-20 in the comments…

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