ilusiones ópticas

Esta chica se transforma en comida con suculentas ilusiones ópticas

Da entre grima y hambre.

Mezclar comida e ilusiones ópticas es algo que puede resultar controvertido. Demasiado realismo creará un efecto perro de Pavlov en cualquiera, haciendo que la babilla surja si el hambre aprieta. También pueden crear efectos desagradables que quiten la gusa de forma instantánea. El caso de Mimi Choi pertenece al último grupo. Usando maquillaje y su imaginación ha hecho de su cara o sus extremidades para emular verdaderas delicias culinarias. El resultado es algo raro, perturbador. Pizzas, hamburguesas, sushi… Da igual, esta residente de Vancouver se transforma en cualquier tipo de plato.

Aquí tienes algunos de las espectaculares ilusiones ópticas, mostradas en Instagram, con las que Mimi Choi se transforma en comida.

This is #MAKEUP on my hand 🤙🏼 • UNI #SUSHI HAND MAKEUP 🍣 using @dermaflage “Pus” applicator, and hand-painted using @kryolanofficial Aquacolors and Supracolors. Sprayed the whole hand with MAKE UP FOR EVER @makeupforeverofficial @makeupforeverca Mist & Fix for extra juiciness. #sushimakeup #unisushi #seaurchin #handpainting #handmakeup #sashimi ___________________ A lot of people ask me how I pull these things off and how I come up with these ideas. I think the reason why it works is because I literally force my ideas to happen in real life. 😅 I try not to dismiss an idea just because it seems too crazy or impossible to achieve – I try anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but that’s ok! Every little project that I do teaches me something new so I’m always gaining from it no matter what. I usually come up with silly ideas when I’m feeling sleepy at night, and sometimes I’ll write them down so that they won’t slip. My fiancé @andrewy527 also inspires me with tons of unusual ideas. This particular piece was inspired by our epic Japan trip years ago where I had the most amazing uni of my life. 👅💦

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THIS IS NOT FOOD. THIS IS MY HAND. 👋🏼🍳 Who wants #breakfast all day everyday? 🙋🏻 These #sausages + #egg were painted on my palm using @makeupforeverofficial @makeupforeverca Flash Palette. Used @kryolanofficial Aquacolor in black to blend the rest of my hand into the background. Brighten your screen up if you’re confused. 😜 Will post videos and process photos next. #makeup #bizarreart #lowcarblife ___________________________________ MASTERCLASS AT IMATS L.A. @imatsofficial ‼️ Join me on *Friday, January 12, 2018* 9AM-12PM in #LosAngeles in a private class prior to the Pro-Card Event at @imatsofficial to learn how to achieve my illusions! 😜 Click link in bio (select Friday – Grand Illusions) or visit 👉IMATS.NET👈 to get your ticket before they are gone! Looking forward to meeting you guys! ❤️

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