Anshuman Ghosh llena Instagram de collages

Anshuman Ghosh es un artista original de la India y afincado en Sudáfrica, que pretende crear su propia versión del mundo, utilizando la imaginación y dando rienda suelta a la creatividad. Desde 2015, ha compartido diferentes creaciones con un factor común: el iPhone.

El artista lo llama phone framing y, con esta técnica, pretende retransmitir a los espectadores la idea de que un teléfono es más de lo que parece. Con estas imágenes, ha logrado llegar a los 93.300 seguidores en Instagram, con un total de casi 500 publicaciones.

Hi there everyone! You would noticed my absence from Instagram over the past few days – yesterday was the first day in a long time that I forgot to post an artwork! Here’s why. The last couple of days have been quite forgetful for me – firstly, I had to travel back home from India without my wife and son. My wife fell badly I’ll on the day of our travel and she had no choice but to stay back in India. If things weren’t depressing enough, my flight from Dubai was delayed by over 2.5 hours which meant I reached home only in the wee hours of Monday morning. There is no worse feeling than reaching home to an empty house! Anyway, after a day of trying to get things back on track, I am finally back on Instagram (although not for too long, more details to follow 😟) and glad to be #wakingupin Johannesburg again. How have you been? #artwork #arts_gallery

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Algunas marcas como Diesel, Jack Daniel, Ballantine y USA Today, han utilizado sus obras en sus campañas de publicidad.

Hi y’all! I’ve partnered with @jackdaniels_us to show how #gentlemanjack is the ideal whiskey for every kind of cocktail including a very special one that is featured in this artwork. There are clues galore in the artwork but just to help you out a little, this cocktail contains Gentleman Jack, lemon juice, simple syrup and orange bitters and the recipe is available at ‪www.jackdaniels.com‬ (oops! I think I’ve said too much already 😂😂😂) Can you figure out which cocktail has been featured here? Leave your answer as a comment below! PS: Alcohol consumption affects cognitive ability. Please do not drink and drive or even walk for that matter. Call a cab instead! Do the right thing! #artwork #arts_gallery #paper

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